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We welcome your CV.
Please take note of the following points to ensure your application is dealt with as speedily as possible:

In WORD format CV In word format (PDF will delay your application process)

Your CV needs to include:
  • All your contact details including Skype
  • Nationality
  • Family Status (including how many children)
  • Date of Birth
  • Availability Date
  • Package requirements
  • Arranged chronologically, beginning with the most recent position, month and year.
  • Be Specific; provide statistics on volume, number of staff supervised, type of operation, quality rating, awards and scope of your responsibilities and authority.
  • Be Results-orientated; in what ways is your company better off today by virtue of your specific contributions?
  • Please send certificates, diplomas and relevant qualifications.
  • An updated list of your professional references with their telephone numbers and email addresses. Clearly indicate their previous or current relationship to you. We need to have THREE contactable references.
  • We need a copy of your ID or passport, and recent photograph.

Please Note:

Chefs - please include at least 10 photographs from your OWN food portfolio.

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